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CQI’s Q Robusta Course is an intensive review of the cupping and grading protocols required of a certified Q Robusta Grader, combined with a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s ability to consistently cup and grade different grades of Robusta coffee leading to a professional certification credential.

Course overview

This course combines training and testing to reinforce learners’ understanding of the Q Robusta Grading process while measuring their ability to evaluate Robusta coffee according to the established CQI Fine Robusta standards and cupping form.

This course consists of two corresponding parts over six days. In the first part, over 3 days, learners review assumed knowledge and theoretical principles, including practice of all activities. The second part is a 3-day series of exams regarding the material presented. The course includes 20 exams over 9 Modules to test the learners’ job-relevant skills including cupping protocols, olfactory and gustatory senses, green and roasted grading, organic acid identification, triangulation skills, roast sample level identification, coffee processing evaluation, and general coffee value chain knowledge. Testing also includes recognizing and recalling CQI Flavor Standards in aqueous solutions. Those successfully completing this course will be able to objectively evaluate Robusta coffees based on cup quality and origin and provide feedback on cup nuances, defects and flavors. Participants who pass all exams earn a Q Robusta Grader certificate.

Who is it for? Practicing Robusta tasters and quality assurance/control professionals looking to gain familiarity with international standards and be recognized with a professional certificate.


Develop professional robusta coffee cuppers in the coffee chain, green, roasting, sensory.

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