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CQI’s Q Robusta Course is an intensive review of the cupping and grading protocols required of a certified Q Robusta Grader, combined with a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s ability to consistently cup and grade different grades of Robusta coffee leading to a professional certification credential.

Course overview

This course combines training and testing to reinforce students’ understanding of the Q Robusta Grading process while measuring their ability to evaluate Robusta coffee according to the established Fine Robusta standards. This intensive course involves a mixture of lectures and training in all aspects of Robusta grading, cupping, and evaluating specialty coffee. In addition, participants will take twenty specific exams designed to measure their sensory abilities, including sensory skills, olfactory, triangulation and cupping, as well as a written exam covering general coffee knowledge - all focused on Robusta coffees. Students successfully completing this course will be able to objectively evaluate a Robusta coffee based on cup quality and origin and provide feedback on cup nuances, defects and flavors and will gain a thorough understanding of the CQI Robusta cupping and grading standards and protocols, including the CQI Robusta cupping form. Participants who pass this course qualify as Licensed Q Robusta Graders and have the ability to speak a common language of quality throughout the supply chain. The course follows the same format as the Q Arabica Course - three days of intensive training and practice, and three days of testing. Experience cupping Robusta coffees is strongly recommended.


Develop professional robusta coffee cuppers in the coffee chain, green, roasting, sensory.

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