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Flavour pathways

This course introduces some of the mechanisms and terminology that define coffee flavour chemistry, and how it is perceived through, taste and smell and then described.

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Latte Art Pro

The Latte Art Pro course helps you improve your latte art skills. You will...

Starts October 19, 2021

Belforte del Chienti 6 days
Coffee Quiz
Coffee Quiz

Global quiz: from seed to cup

Starts October 22, 2021

The Complete selection of Coffee Sensorium courses

Register for the complete Coffee Sensorium suite of courses for a...

Starts November 6, 2021

Multisensory flavour perception

The course ‘Multisensory Flavour Perception’ includes theoretical...

Starts November 6, 2021

CoffeeKnowledgeHub Online 10 days
Flavour Pathways - Understanding the creation and perception of flavour chemistry in Coffee
Flavour Pathways - Understanding the creation and perception of flavour chemistry in Coffee

Coffee, and coffee flavour, is complex, but it's not complicated. This...

Starts November 9, 2021

Chemistry of Roasting

The course ‘Chemistry of Roasting’ aims to present the physicochemical...

Starts November 13, 2021

CoffeeKnowledgeHub Online 14 days
An operating handbook for your cafe
An operating handbook for your cafe

A blueprint for cafe owners who want to scale their business (or just step...

Starts November 15, 2021

CoffeeKnowledgeHub Online 4 days
CQI Q Processing Level 1 Renewal Course
CQI Q Processing Level 1 Renewal Course

This course reviews core QP1 objectives and concepts in order for students...

Starts November 17, 2021

Multisensory Marketing and Specialty Coffee

The course ‘Multisensory Marketing and Specialty Coffee’ addresses...

Starts November 20, 2021

Coffee Extraction Kinetics

The course 'Coffee Extraction Kinetics' aims at discussing the...

Starts November 27, 2021

Olfaction: Perception and Language

Olfactory language refers to language associated with the sense of smell....

Starts December 4, 2021

Acidity and Bitterness

The course ‘Acidity and Bitterness’ will focus on these two taste qualities...

Starts December 11, 2021

Mouthfeel in beverages

In addition to taste and retronasal olfaction, the oral tactile sensations...

Starts December 12, 2021

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