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This website collects Personal Data from the users that register.


SIMONELLI GROUP SPA is the owner of the policy regarding all data processing and storage on this website according to the Regulation UE 679/2016(GDPR), in person with legal representative pro tempore, with headquarters in Via E. Betti, 1, 62020, Belforte Del Chienti MC,



Under the commitment and care that Simonelli Group SpA dedicates to protecting personal data, we inform you about the methods, purposes, and range of communication and diffusion of your data and rights according to art 13 of the GDPR.


To offer you the services provided by our website, Simonelli Group SpA, as the policy owner, must process some personal data necessary for the ongoing services.

These data may be provided implicitly by the tools you use to access the websites, use the services, or be provided explicitly by you.

Simonelli Group SpA may process the following categories of users' data:

• technical navigation data relating to the IP address, the identification codes of the devices used by the user to utilize the site or services, the characteristics of the browser and access times;

• navigation data aimed at profiling provided indirectly through the use of the service itself and obtained and analyzed with the user's previous Consent;

• common identification data provided by the user (ex. name, surname, e-mail, telephone number, etc.) for the use of the products and services;


The data and cookies you accept will be processed by Simonelli Group SpA, exclusively by necessary procedures to provide you with the services requested and any additional reasons you asked for prior Consent. Only with your explicit permission may the data be used to carry out statistical reports, market surveys, promotional activities through social media, and to send commercial information on the products and sales initiatives of Simonelli Group SpA. (Direct marketing purposes)

Always with your Consent, the data may be used for profiling purposes conducted automatically by collecting navigation information while on the website and is done through statistical correlation algorithms which are then linked to the same information provided by other users with the scope to identify common traits and regroup similar data into interest groups. By assigning your browser to a dedicated interest group, our system will subsequently offer you targeted content closer to your tastes and present advertising material that best meets your needs and better target advertisers' interests by reducing page disturbance.

At the date you read this notice, Simonelli Group SpA uses profiling data to aggregate marketing profiles, to manage the relationship with advertising investors and improve their campaigns, to infer managing models of our products and services, and to assist sales departments in the development of digital strategies (Profiling purposes)

Finally, with your explicit Consent, your data may be provided to other companies that may contact you as owners of independent enterprises (The updated list is at your disposal and can be requested from the Privacy owner at the address below) for statistical analyses, market surveys, sales information, and promotional activities. (Third parties marketing purposes)

Communications for market surveys or sales information on products and promotional activities are delivered by mail, e-mail, telemarketing, SMS, MMS.

We inform you that some activities could be executed through suppliers, which are liable for the data processes, including residents outside the European Union.

The legal principles of the purposes above are administered as you requested and consented by you.


Your personal data will not be disclosed but may be communicated for the prerequisite of the service to third parties (such as third-party technical service providers, postal carriers, hosting providers, IT companies) and appointed, if necessary, as data processor by Simonelli Group SpA, for technical or organizational tasks helpful to the provision of services.

The access to data is also allowed to specific Simonelli Group SpA employees involved in data processing (administrative, sales, marketing, customer service, system administrators).

The updated list of Managers can always be requested from the Policy owner.

The right of disclosure to third parties remains unaltered if you have given specific and optional Consent.


Simonelli Group SpA will process your data within the territory of the European Union.

If necessary, your data will be sent to outside EU countries or if some data needs to be transferred to the cloud's technical systems or services. In that case, the processing will be handled according to Chapter V of the Regulation provisions and approved based on the European Union's specific decisions. Therefore, all necessary precautions will be taken to guarantee the complete protection of personal data, based on:

a) on the decisions of the third-party countries expressed by the European Commission;

b) on righteous guarantees expressed by the third party recipient according to art. 46 of the Regulation;

c) on adopting binding corporate rules, so-called Corporate binding rules.


Simonelli Group SpA under art. 5.1 of the GDPR will process the data you have provided for the entire duration of the requested services and will deposit them for 24 months with the extent to complete administrative activities, other than the necessary time to conclude legal obligations. If you wish for us to delete your data please send your request via email to

If you have authorized profiling, the anonymous data singularly examined will be deleted after 12 months from the start.


Simonelli Group SpA guarantees your legal right during any moment by art. 12 of the GDPR. Specifically, you have the right:

The application of these rights can be executed by communicating to the Data Owner whose contact details can be found in the appropriate section.

Furthermore, you always have the right to file a complaint with the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, contactable at, or via the website


This Privacy Policy is updated on 10.05.2022

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