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CQI Q Cupping Essentials

CQI’s Q Coffee System is an internationally recognized program for evaluating cup quality based on a standardized system for Arabica coffee using protocols developed by the SCA. Cupping Essentials is a comprehensive training in how to set up and assess green and roasted coffee samples.

Course overview

You will evaluate and score individual lots of coffee against the SCA’s physical and cup standards and criteria for coffee quality. Instruction covers green coffee grading, sensory and olfactory skills training and testing, protocols for flavor and cup profile evaluation and grading triangulation. After this course you will understand the fundamentals of cupping, how to use the Specialty Coffee Association cupping forms and engage in sensory evaluation.

Q Cupping Essentials (QCE) is a valuable option for a wide range of people, including those new to the industry, passionate consumers, foodies, baristas, executives of coffee companies, and more. Students participate in each step of setting up a cupping (weighing, grinding, table set-up and pouring water) and there is no expectation of past knowledge going into a course. The focus of the course is learning – not testing. Students earn a Q Arabica Cupping Essentials certificate. This course teaches fundamental skills for anyone working in the coffee industry while also laying the foundation for sitting the Q grader certification as your career progresses.

DAY #1

9.00 • Welcome

9.30 • Intro to Q Program

11.00 • Introduction to the SCA

Cupping Form

• Cup and Calibrate table of 3 samples (random)

13.00 • Lunch break

14.00 • Introduction to Le Nez Aroma Set (2 parts) – and SCA

Flavour Wheel

• Self test: Le Nez

15.00 • Sample roast identification review (lecture)

DAY #2

9.00 • Cup and Calibrate table of

``` 6 samples Washed Milds and Africa with taint and

Fault spiked ```

11.30 • Calibration of taint and fault defects with the cupping form

13.30 • Lunch break

14.30 • Green Grading tutorial and intro to tools and grading


16.00 • Le Nez Practise (part 2) – and

``` SCA Flavour Wheel

• Self test: Le Nez ```

17.30 • Triangulation Practise #1 – includes Washed Milds and Africa

DAY #3

9.00 • Sensory Skills Test Practice, Parts A and B – blend your

own part C

11.30 • Cup and Calibrate: table of 6 samples -Asia and Naturals with taint and fault spiked.

13.30 • Lunch break

14.30 • Triangulation Practice #2.

Includes Asia and naturals. 16.00 • Green Grading practice

and mock test<<<<<<<

17.00 • Students evaluations


Build a strong foundation in practical sensory skills essential for all coffee professionals.

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