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Re:Co symposium Portland 2023

Towards a Deeper Understanding of Espresso Extraction

As technology advances and our understanding of sensory attributes improves, it's possible to put more power in the hands of coffee professionals who seek to make coffee better. Get the latest update about this multi-year research project aimed at measuring espresso chemistry, correlating those measurements to sensory attributes, and laying the groundwork for science-based useable tools for the coffee industry.
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Prof. Christopher H. Hendon is a computational chemist with interests in energy materials and coffee extraction. He obtained his BSc. Adv. HONS from Monash University (2011) and PhD from the University of Bath (2015). After a two-year postdoc at Massachusetts Institute of Technology he joined the University of Oregon in 2017 as a Professor of chemistry where his research group focuses on the emergence of defects in metal-organic molecules and solids. He has published over 100 papers, was named a Cottrell Scholar in 2021, a Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar, and the Samuel R. Scholes Jnr. Lecture for excellence in Scientific Communication.


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