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Water for Coffee with Samo Smrke

Learn to prepare the best water for brewing coffee and to protect your espresso machine (includes taster's kit)
Online October 27, 2022 €165

Course overview

This course will explain of the role of water in coffee, both from a sensory point of view for coffee brewing and technical point of view when talking about water filters for espresso machines. The goal is to demystify the complex topic of water and present it in an understandable way. The course is suitable for beginners who want to learn to control their water for coffee as well as coffee professionals who want to improve the understanding of the impact of water on their coffee.

Learning about the chemistry of water is theoretical and could be hard to put into a practical context. Hence, this course includes an optional water testing and coffee tasting kit that the participants will receive, together with detailed instruction how to perform brewing experiments that showcase the impact of water composition on coffee flavour.

The course will be structured into three lessons:

Lesson 1: A 90 min Lecture on water, composition of water, interaction to coffee, and water treatment. All the basics that you need to know to understand water will be presented, along with result from recent studies that will feed the curiosity of those that already have some knowledge about water. The lecture will be followed by a Q&A about fundamentals from the lecture.

Lesson 2 (for the participants with the taster’s kit): The participants perform a tasting of coffees in a set of experiments designed to showcase the impact of water and create a deeper understanding of how brewed coffee flavour can be modulated by controlling your water. The participants will be invited to be involved in collecting their sensory notes to perform a group sensory experiment of the course class.

Lesson 3: A 30 min lecture explaining the results of experiments in Lesson 2, followed by a Q&A session and an open discussion with a coffee scientist.

You will get:

90 min lecture with Q&A on the basics of water and coffee

*Optional *coffee tasting and water testing kit, including: instructions, coffee, minerals used to prepare coffee, drop test kit to determine your water composition

30 min lecture on the impact of water on coffee sensory and modulation of coffee flavour with water followed by a Q&A and open discussion about coffee science

You will gain:

  • Knowledge about how water interacts with coffee
  • A deep understanding how water impacts brewed coffee flavour
  • Have an approach to selecting the right filters for your espresso machine
  • A tool to calculate your water composition when adding minerals

Register without water kit - €110+VAT (where applicable)

Applications close October 7, 2022


  1. Improve your coffee brewing skills by preparing the right water for your brew
  2. Be able to select and setup the right filter for your espresso machine
  3. Base your decisions in coffee on science proven fundamentals with clear outcomes to flavour quality
  4. Deepen the understanding how science based education and experimentation can improve coffee


Live sessions:

1. Lecture on Water for Coffee: 27 October: 3pm- 4:30pm

2. Short presentation and Q&A: 3 November: 3pm-4:30pm

Lesson 2: tasting with water kit and coffees is done in your own time between the first lecture and Lesson 3.

Price : €110 + €55 (for water kit) +VAT where applicable - please register as an individual to pay by card. Businesses can only pay by bank transfer.

You can also choose to attend the live lectures and presentation without getting the water kit, register here for €110 plus VAT where applicable.


October 27, 2022 - November 3, 2022
Starts at 3:00pm
UTC +01:00 (Europe/Zurich)
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Applications closed October 7, 2022

Meet your trainer

Samo Smrke

Chemist and a coffee scientist, book, handbook and research paper author. My goal is to use coffee...

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