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Coffee Value Assessment course for cuppers

The Coffee Value Assessment Course for Cuppers is a two-day professional update for coffee cuppers
Belforte del Chienti November 9, 2023 €300

Course overview

The Coffee Value Assessment (CVA) Course for Cuppers is a two-day professional update for coffee cuppers, during which they will learn and become familiarized with the SCA’s new Coffee Value Assessment (CVA) as a tool to evaluate coffee quality. The course is full of hands-on activities to demonstrate the elements of CVA, including several cuppings, though it also includes a few lectures and time for discussion.

General Objective: After completing the CVA Course for Cuppers, participants will be able to use and integrate the SCA's Coffee Value Assessment (CVA) tools into their cupping practice.

Specific objectives: After completing the CVA Course for Cuppers, participants will be able to:

• Identify and utilize the new CVA sensory references.

• Explain the function and background of key sensory assessment tools used in CVA – 15-point intensity scales, CATA lists, and hedonic scales.

• Use the CVA Descriptive and Affective Forms to describe and evaluate coffee.

• Explain and use the new CVA system, including the descriptive, affective, and extrinsic evaluation tools.

Who this course is for:

Current cuppers who utilize the 2004 SCA cupping protocol , including but not limited to: Professional cuppers, Q Arabica Graders or former Q Arabica Graders, people who use the SCA cupping system at least once a month or have used it intensively at some point in the past few years.

What you will get at the end

There are four tests in this course (written exam; identification of olfactory references; descriptive assessment, and affective assessment). If you pass all tests, you will get a certificate. The certificate attests you have learned CVA and can use it as a professional tool.

For AST's a special price of €400 is available through Davide Coebelli.


Simonelli Group have worked with local hotels in Civitanova Marche to secure room rates for Educator Summit and coffee value assessment system attendees. The hotels have been selected considering the distance from Campus Simonelli Group, facilities around and nearby, proximity to main train stations and/or airports. These 3 hotels are all a 30 minute drive to the Campus.

There are other accommodation options closer to the Campus in the form of B&B's and boutique accommodation if you would like to be closer. One option is La Foresteria - C.da Abbadia di Fiastra 11 - 62029 Tolentino (MC). However, you would need your own transport to the Campus. The campus is located here:

We recommend booking by phone, or by e-mail.

Participants should present the following code at reservation to secure the preferential rate: SCA EDUCATOR SUMMIT.

COSMOPOLITAN Hotel: Hotel 4 Stelle a Civitanova Marche | Cosmopolitan Hotel (

Tel: +39 0733-771682


MIRAMARE Hotel: HOME | Miramare (

Tel: +39 0733-811511



Tel: +39 0733-772969


Transport: a coach has been booked for travel between the 3 hotels in Civitanova Marche for the days of the eudcator summit. However, for the coffee value assessment system course, no transport has been organised. If you need support with this, please tell us where you are staying.


November 9, 2023 - November 10, 2023
Starts at 9.00AM
UTC +01:00 (Europe/Amsterdam)
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Simonelli Group Italy
Simonelli Group Italy
Via Emilio Betti, 1
Belforte del Chienti
MC 62020

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This course can have a maximum of 18 attendees. 3 spots are still available.

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