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Carbon footprint of roasting

What kind of possibilities exist to reduce the carbon footprint of the roasting process?

Lecture Overview

This lecture will examine different topics, solutions and opportunities for footpring reduction related to the roasting process, including: - the construction of the roasting area - the effect of the fuel type - heat recovery - the influence of the environmental system - a carbon neutral roasting process - producing fuel from coffee waste - considerations for using green energy (electricity, biogas, hydrogen) The lecture will discuss these points and others, giving answers, solution overviews, and numbers, so that audience members can get ideas to design a sustainable roasting process for themselves.

Presenter: Thomas Koziorowski CTO Probat

Engineering studies at the University/Gesamthochschule Duisburg. Start of career at Siemens AG. Initially, Thomas works as a design manager at Maschinenfabrik Ferd. Gothot GmbH, before joining PROBAT. After various positions within the group of companies, he becomes divisional head of product technology and R&D. Currently, Thomas holds the role of CTO at PROBAT. Thomas and his team develop innovative solutions for the coffee processing industry in various technology fields. Current focal points are optimal process design, digitalization, and sustainability. Supports research and education by giving lectures at universities and colleges. Heads research cooperation’s with universities and institutes worldwide. Member of several boards and association committees.


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