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Plant to Port is a course that will bring you to the areas that are often out of reach for you

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Plant to Port is an expert led green coffee course, run by Raw Material Coffee in Colombia. During the course, attendees will:

- Learn the role of soil health, variety selection, and reforestation in an abundant coffee ecosystem.

- Take part in a hands-on fermentation classes, to explore affordable processing adaptations, that can transform a farm's profitability.

- Meet coffee farmers and associations to learn how they can function as sustainable, profitable businesses.

- Examine what the supply chain needs to do, to best ensure profitability for producers.

- Study the final steps coffee takes in the producing country; from dry milling, to port.

Plant to Port is a great investment in the career development of any green coffee professional. The subject matter applies to coffee production anywhere in the world. The course takes place from the 23 - 30 October 2023, delivered by three experts in the field:

Miguel Fajardo Mendoza

Raw Material Head of Global Operations, and El Fénix Community Wet Mill and Farm

Hernando Tapasco

Owner of Cafe y Procesos, Agronomist, coffee production consultant, CQI Q Arabica & Q Processing Professional Instructor

Mario Gonzalez

Business consultant for coffee producers across Colombia, to help maximise profitability and management.

Full course details can be found here

We look forward to seeing you in Colombia.

*Attendance to the trip is 1000 GBP. *

This includes all food, drink, accommodation, and the course itself. Please book your arrival flights to arrive early on, or before, the 23rd October 2023 into Armenia.

Your departure flights from Pereira need to be from the afternoon, or after, the 30th October 2023.


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