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How to become a coffee consultant

The coffee industry is rapidly changing and the opportunities to become a coffee consultant have never been more attractive or accessible to coffee professionals globally.
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The scope of the work that a coffee consultant can do in today's market has changed, so too has the range of clients that need consulting services and why!

With as little as one year of experience as a professional barista, you can build a client base that values your services as a consultant while making a handsome side hustle that could turn into your main revenue stream over time. Thanks to the shift in consumer buying habits, more and more coffee consumers are looking for guidance from Baristas. For these baristas, your client is the consumer, and they're willing to pay!

For seasoned professionals and former business owners, the global boom in coffee brands and cafes means there has never been a better time to turn your experience into a new revenue stream and conspire to the success of new business owners by guiding them through blindspots and helping them to make informed decisions.

In this workshop, you'll gain clarity on what's needed to become a consultant in coffee and what to focus on to turn those efforts into a viable revenue stream.

What we'll cover:

PART 1 - Introduction

PART 2 - The Coffee Industry Today

2.1 A Rapidly Changing Coffee Industry

2.2 The Economics of the Coffee Supply Chain

2.3 We Need More (Professional) Consultants In Coffee

2.4 Coffee In The Next Decade

PART 3 - Your Coffee Consulting Business

3.1 What Does a Professional Coffee Consultant Do?

3.2 Structuring Your Professional Services - Your Niche

3.3 Structuring Your Professional Services - Your Business Fundamentals

3.4 Structuring Your Professional Services - Your Product

3.5 Structuring Your Professional Services - Your Pricing


4.1 Customer Personas

4.2 Customer Acquisition Planning

4.3 Delivering Your Services

4.4 Finding New Clients

4.5 Launching Your Business

A Little Extra - Tips For Getting Started and Growing

5.1 Practices We Encourage

5.2 Practices We Discourage

5.3 Additional Resources

5.4 Revisiting Our Success Markers

"What I most appreciated out of this class was the honesty. Lee is upfront and honest in her thoughts and opinions, often providing the insight one truly needs to hear. Whether it was positive reinforcement, or a much-needed reality check, Lee's comments were heartful, grounded, fair, and earnest. Her instruction left me with clear and curated guidance, feeling very well prepared for the next steps to come" - Tarra Samuelson (MAP IT FORWARD Coffee Consultants Mastermind Group member)


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The course was launched on 17 April, 2023 and is running continuously. You can start and finish in your own time.


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