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Stefanos Domatiotis

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The World Brewers Cup champion, World Barista top finalist several times, Greek national barista champion many times over, a World Coffee Events Judge and authorized Specialty Coffee Association trainer (AST), Stefanos Domatiotis is one of the most recognizable figures in the barista game.

Co-founder of Create, the first coffee experience center in Greece, previously Head Barista trainer at Taf, and Coffee Business Consultant, Brewista and HEMRO brand ambassador, Stefanos is striving hard to spread his knowledge about specialty coffee around the world.

Stefanos, a charismatic coffee ambassador, is dreaming of a world where people will create rather than hate, sharing ideas, thoughts, and views to bring more people closer to the coffee roots. His unparalleled 23 years expertise and leadership in the coffee field have also earned him distinct positions in various coffee committees and bodies, fueling up his passion and commitment to the coffee industry.

Stefanos as a head coach along with his team in Taf have won a host of prestigious industry awards, many national and world barista and brewers Champion titles with always a single aim: making the industry accessible to everyone.

In a nutshell – Barista Coach of

2 WBrC champions

4 WBrC finalists

2 WBC finalists

2 WBC semifinals

10 National Champions

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