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Mi presento

I entered the world of coffee from a social & development point of view. I studied Developmental Economics and began by designing sustainable development models for small coffee and cocoa producers in Central & South America and in Southeast Asia. My interest in effectively integrating small producers into global coffee value chains led me to focus on the sensory and quality aspects of coffee. Currently, I work in Origin Innovation and Upstream Development for Sucafina and as a CQI instructor and SCA trainer. Currently based in Vietnam.

Esperienza di insegnamento

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Esperienza professionale

Innovation and Development

@ Sucafina

Provide any Sucafina origin research, insight and guidance on coffee cherry processing, establishing processing innovation trials to improve commercial viability of coffee; liaise with potential partners for AI and automated QC; training and education worldwide; upstream development strategies in Asia.


@ Coffee Consultant

Wet and Dry Mill management; Coffee Quality Control; Training programs on coffee and cocoa; Stakeholder coalition management; Public-Private investment management; Development and Consultancy; Poverty reduction strategies; Agri-Food value chain integration in emerging economies

Project Manager

@ Starkmacher

Project Management, Development and Consultancy; Poverty reduction strategies; Agri- Food (coffee and cocoa) value chain integration in emerging; Citizens Empowerment; Sustainability and Environmental Education; Youth work, non-formal education and intercultural learning; Violence prevention and promotion of fundamental rights, citizenship and equality.


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Completed Courses

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Esperienza tecnica

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Interessi e passioni sul caffè

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