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Call for writers: contribute to our news or research sections on Coffee Knowledge Hub

Written by Andrew Tolley
Posted in News on 1 dicembre 2022

We're proud to be one of the biggest communities of coffee professionals in the world and we want to use our platform to share the breadth of knowledge among the thousands of you that have joined us as members.

We already have a team of trainers, scientists and researchers contributing to our growing archive of news and research articles but have decided to throw open the doors to our membership for additional contribution. So, if you have an idea that draws on your own experience or expertise – maybe it's an industry trend or an explainer for an aspect of your job or the product itself – drop us a an email and we'll consider your submission.

  • Send us a short summary of what you propose to write (just a paragraph will do)
  • Summary of why you are qualified on the subject (ideally a link to your coffee knowledge hub profile)
  • An example of your work

If successful, we'll then commission you to send us 400-600 words (or more) – and we'll pay for the effort.

Interested? Drop us a line via

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One small comment from my side ... Do you need WRITERS or Science writers/Research writers? I would love to contribute but I am no science or researcher (not that I will not be one day) ... despite some important or let's say interesting insights that I have ... I would love to share my love for coffee but from your post is not clear ...

If these are to be considered, "Summary of why you are qualified on the subject (ideally a link to your coffee knowledge hub profile) An example of your work" - it sounds more like a video blog or influencer in your search ... is this what you are looking for ... or for someone with a fresh perspective and different, as innovative, mindset?

Thank you for your time.

Culea Dragos ·
6 mesi fa

HI Culea, thank you for your feedback. We are looking for authoritative voices, and where necessary, references. You do not need to be a researcher or scientist though, you just need to be able to support your arguments. We are definitely not looking for influencers or video bloggers )

Andrew Tolley ·
4 mesi fa

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