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The complete selection of Coffee Sensorium courses

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Quadro generale del corso

The full selection of courses are:

  1. Chemistry of Roasting 05.Mar-06.Mar
  2. Multi Sensory Perception 12.Mar-13.Mar
  3. Coffee extraction kinetics 19.Mar-20.Mar
  4. Aromas in Coffee: Perception and Description 26.Mar-27.Mar
  5. Aspects of Coffee Freshness (NEW course) 02.Apr-02.Apr
  6. Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel: Design and Use (NEW course) 03.Apr-03.Apr
  7. Acidity and Bitterness 09.Apr-09.Apr
  8. Mouthfeel in beverages 10.Apr-10.Apr

For specific course content please see the course page for the relevant course.

Each lecture is 2 hours per day, including questions and answers. The lectures are recorded so you can review them for up to 12 days after the lecture.

Reading materials are also provided after the lecture to let you fully explore each topic and the literature.

Applications close 6 marzo 2022


Starting on the 5 March 2022, you will spend the next 6 weekends participating in this lecture series.

Each course starts at 12pm GMT and finishes at 2pm on the scheduled day.

The lectures will be recorded.


5 marzo 2022 - 10 aprile 2022
Starts at 12:00pm
UTC +00:00 (GMT)
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Applications closed 6 marzo 2022

Meet your trainers

Fabiana Mesquita De Carvalho

Fabiana Carvalho is a Brazilian neuroscientist who received her MSc in Biochemistry and her PhD in...

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Veronica Belchior

Verônica Belchior is a biologist, Master in Ecology and PhD in Food Sciences. She is a Q-grader and...

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