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Roast Profile Design Basics

Morten Munchow from the acclaimed Coffee Mind academy teaches the fundamentals of roast profiling

Quadro generale del corso

This basic course on coffee roasting is meant as a basis for your understanding of roast profile design to support beginners in not getting lost in complexity (as typically happens when they browse the internet for education) and for professionals who have spent a lot of time in the community where a plurality of voices has left most professionals exhausted and a bit confused.

The course is designed and taught by Morten Münchow who has been teaching more than 1500 individuals in small groups of 6-8 people at London School of Coffee and CoffeeMind Academy in Copenhagen since 2007. His basis for a much simplifiyed (but actionable and relevant) approach to coffee roasting comes from his background in science (real scientists are simplifying the world and not overcomplicating it (see this youtube video for more:

You will get

  • 150 minutes of video content explaining the principles of roast profilingover 6 modules
  • 24 quizzes to help you understand the concepts
  • A new basis of certainty of what is important and what is NOT important
  • Simpler and more actionable approach New Product Development and Quality Control
  • A better understanding of how science can be used in coffee roasting

Upon completion of the course you will earn a certificate from the Coffee Mind Academy


Develop your understanding of how roast profiling affects quality

Improve your ability to develop roast profiles

Focus on the scientifically proven fundamentals of roasting which have clear outcomes you can achieve


Learn in your own time. The course is available as soon as the payment is confirmed. See you online!

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