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Mouthfeel in beverages

In addition to taste and retronasal olfaction, the oral tactile sensations of beverages are central in the assessment of intrinsic quality as well as in driving consumer preferences.

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The mouthfeel of wine, beer, and coffee is complex and multidimensional. It encompasses several attributes which can be interrelated, such as temperature, astringency, chemical irritation (e.g., spicy hot, tingling, burning), and viscosity. These attributes contribute to the overall impression and impact the description of both intensity (i.e., low, medium, high) and quality (e.g., syrupy, slimy, watery) of mouthfeel. The course ‘Mouthfeel in Beverages’ addresses scientific evidence on the compounds and mechanisms responsible for mouthfeel properties of beverages, with special emphasis on wine, beer, and coffee. The course will discuss the effect of certain mouthfeel properties, such as temperature and viscosity, on the perception of basic tastes. Moreover, variability between tasters, such as saliva composition, can also impact on the perception of mouthfeel. Finally, the course will present the central role of the trigeminal (tactile) component in the identification of certain aroma families.

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