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Taste Profiles in Processing: A case study from Indonesia

A study of creating taste profiles in coffee processing, rather than processing coffees with traditional methods and leaving taste to chance. One of a series of exclusive, free lectures available to Coffee Knowledge Hub members in partnership with the SCA.

Lecture Overview

This presentation is based around experience in Indonesia from late 2019 to 2021. It follows the presenter’s work in creating taste profiles in coffee processing: rather than merely processing coffees with traditional methods and leaving the end taste to chance.

The work started because we wanted to create better tasting Indonesian coffees, going against the common methods of wet-hulled, full washed & natural coffees. We started by designing what taste profiles we want in the cup and then figuring out how to achieve that through different post-harvest processing steps. Eventually, we figured that we have to combine the use of microbial inoculants to drive fermentation precursors, creative fermentation and drying methods as well as pre-roast blending to achieve the 4 key taste profiles that we designed.

So far we have been quite pleased with the outcome. The coffees were placed 7th in the 2021 World Barista Championship in Milan, available in the global market at 60mt quantity while involving 1,169 Indonesian coffee farmer families in the process. The methods are also open-sourced online for anybody to recreate, modify and adapt.

Lecturer: Mikael Jasin, Co-Founder and CEO, CATUR Coffee Company


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