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Exploring filter coffee extraction through different methods part 1

A comparison of sensory and physicochemical properties of 4 filter brew methods
CKH 4 settembre 2023 FREE

Lecture Overview

French press, V60, Aeropress and Pure Brew were tested. This is the first time that these four systems of filter coffee extractions were compared from diverse analytical and physicochemical points of view.

In the next sessions, we’ll discuss in depth the study and the extraction variables that characterize the content of the most discussed analytes of the coffee matrix, in the final cup.

Full article access can be found here - Foods 2023Discrimination of Filter Coffee Extraction Methods of a Medium Roasted Specialty Coffee Based on Volatile Profiles and Sensorial Traits (2023)

You can also view this article discussed by Agnese here :A comprehensive comparative study among the newly developed Pure Brew method and classical ones for filter coffee production (2023)


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