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Re:co Symposium - Consuming More than Coffee

Emerging Trends, Mediating Taste

What trends are emerging inside—and out—of the sector, and how can we leverage them?

Lecture Overview

As specialty coffee reaches new markets—and the number of individuals making these choices increases—it becomes increasingly enmeshed with our sense of identity. Added to coffee’s versatility as a multi-phase product (green, roasted, beverage, experience), the opportunities to effectively connect coffee and coffee experiences with those who value them are expansive. We constantly navigate brands (personal and product) in online and real-life spaces—how can we use signifiers across these various brand landscapes to better connect with consumers? What trends are emerging inside—and out—of the sector, and how can we leverage them?

Yannis Apostolopoulos

Yannis Apostolopoulos is the Chief Executive Officer of the Specialty Coffee Association and also serves as a board director for World Coffee Events and the Coffee Science Foundation. He has more than 25 years’ experience in fast-moving consumer goods (FMGC) with a focus on coffee, wines, spirits, and beers, working for major brands like Red Bull, Stoli, Remy Martin, Cointreau, and Mc Callan, where he held completely diverse senior roles. He has served as a non-executive director on numerous boards, in both FMCG and investment firms. A long-time specialty coffee volunteer, Yannis was the Vice President of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, spearheading the creation of both the Barista and Roasters Guilds of Europe. He has studied chemical engineering and is a Harvard Business School alumnus. He is a Q-Grader and an AST.


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