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Re:Co symposium Portland 2023

Dr. Tania Humphrey on Possibilities and Potential

Looking back at 10 years of World Coffee Research and looking forward to the next 10 years
4 febbraio 2024 FREE

Lecture Overview

In the ten years since Tim Schilling stood on the Re:co stage and announced the formation of World Coffee Research, what has changed? Dr. Tania Humphrey explores how this announcement shaped the potential futures and possibilities of our industry before turning her attention to what the next ten years may bring.

Presenter: Tania Humphrey

Tania Humphrey is the Director of Research & Development (R&D) of World Coffee Research and oversees WCR’s research portfolio. She is passionate about innovation in agriculture and combines a business approach with a strong understanding of science to achieve real-world impact. Tania holds a Ph.D. in Plant Science from the University of Queensland, Australia, and, in her early career, she held research positions at both the University of Toronto and Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada. Prior to WCR, Tania served as the Vice President of R&D at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Canada where she led a team of scientists, engineers, and technical staff in plant variety development, consumer insights, biocontrol, and automation technologies for a wide variety of crops, including tree crops like apples and peaches, and others such as greenhouse vegetables, sweet potatoes, and roses.


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Re:co 2022

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