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Cup of Excellence: Sensory Education Training Virtual Calibration

Sensory Education Training (SET) VC is a global calibration event that is led by Cup of Excellence (CoE) Head Judge Scott Conary. Students around the globe will cup and score coffee sourced from award winning CoE farmers and renowned green-coffee importers. This unique event will allow students to evaluate their cupping scores in comparison with those of a global community of coffee professionals.
Online 7 giugno 2023 €410

Quadro generale del corso

Prior to the event start date, SET VC students will receive a box containing roasted samples for three cuppings sessions, sample placement instructions, CoE score sheets, an official CoE cupping spoon, and other goodies from our sponsors. The SET VC will kick off with a special presentation by Head Judge Scott Conary. Scott will teach students how to cup and score using the CoE score sheet and explain what makes CoE award-winning coffees so special. At this time, students will learn how to set up the event cuppings in the comfort of their homes or cupping labs.

After the initial presentation students should cup the coffees mailed to them, score the coffees using the CoE Score sheets, and return their completed score sheets to the event coordinators.

During the four week event, students will have access to recordings of the webinar sessions hosted by our instructors. Students will have the opportunity to have their questions answered in special office hours zoom calls. Students may also communicate directly with their fellow participants, CoE staff, and the instructor via this event’s WhatsApp group.

After submitting their score sheets, students will receive individualized evaluations of their work and reports compiled by the Instructor. These reports will be based off the same format and data CoE uses to select cuppers for their National Juries. The report will provide insight regarding students’ cupping skills and their assessments of the coffees that were evaluated.

On the final day of the event students will join our instructor for a virtual presentation of the data collected from all participants. Our instructor will answer questions about the coffees’ attributes, the cupping data, and much more.

What’s included in the class fee:

  • 2 instructional webinars
  • Office hour access
  • Coffee kit (see below)
  • Access to class WhatsApp group
  • Certificate upon completion of class

Kit includes:

  • Roasted coffee for 3 cuppings, 24 coffee samples total
  • CoE Tote Bag
  • ThirdWave Water Minerals
  • CoE Quality Coffee Pocket Guide
  • Brewler from Kruve
  • Limited-edition Cup of Excellence engraved W.Wright cupping spoon
  • Cup of Excellence cupping forms
Applications close 23 giugno 2023


Participation in the SET VC session will give students the following opportunities:

  • Learn how to cup and score coffee using the CoE score sheet
  • Cup and score award-winning and unique coffee
  • Compare cupping scores within a global coffee community
  • Gain understanding into what high-scoring specialty coffee is
  • Develop and further their own cupper confidence and accuracy



Schedule for July SET VC based on New York Time - There will be 2 lectures for each session so that we find a convenient time for you. All sessions are recorded.

July 7 Introduction to Cup of Excellence and the scoring system - Friday at 9.00 am and 8.00 pm New York time

July 14 Office Hours Friday at 9.00 am and 8.00 pm New York time

July 21 Scores Due Friday

July 28 Results and summary report Friday at 9.00 am and 8.00 pm New York time


7 giugno 2023 - 28 luglio 2023
Starts at 9:00am
UTC -05:00 (America/New_York)
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Applications closed 23 giugno 2023

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