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Coffee and Development MODULE 2

“Coffee and Development” takes a deep look at coffee through the social sciences, especially the history and political economy of coffee through the lens of International Development. The structural injustices within coffee reflect those of our globalized world, and this course will help you begin to unpack the historical origins of our 21st global challenges. This course takes a critical approach toward the ‘buzzwords’ of development (such as sustainability, resilience, and empowerment) and insists that understanding the root of the power dynamics between the Global North and the Global South is necessary before we can offer long-term solutions for the future of coffee, its land, and all the human hands involved.

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Module 2: Third Wave Coffee through the Lens of International Development

Part 3: Specialty Coffee & The Development Era (from 1989 to the SDGs in 2015)

In the absence of the state: who does development now? (e.g. Corporations: Starbucks; Brand Aid examples; NGOs; Certifications)

Part 4: The Future of ‘Coffee Development’: Beyond the Sustainable Development Goals (2015)

Critiquing challenges and solutions: what needs to happen and why?

The course is delivered over 2 x 2 hour lectures with questions and answers.

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