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Global quiz: from seed to cup
Online 26 ottobre 2021

Quadro generale del corso

Test the depths of your coffee knowledge. Are you an all round coffee pro or do you specialise in different topics. Over the 5 days of Host we will release a new quiz each day. The scores will be tallied each day to show the highest score per quiz and the highest cumulative score over all the quizzes.

Topics include coffee science, business, sustainability, and technical skills.

You can register for free on the schduled course page. Challenge yourself, we guarantee you will learn something and you might even prove to be the CKH global coffee quizmaster of 2021.

Applications close 27 ottobre 2021


Starting 22 October and finishing on the 26th. 5 day of quizzes, to test the depths of your knowledge.


26 ottobre 2021 - 26 ottobre 2021
Starts at 09:00am
UTC +01:00 (Europe/Rome)
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Applications closed 27 ottobre 2021

Meet your trainer

Andrew Tolley

Nel settore del caffè dal 2003, Andrew ha lavorato come barista, trainer, green buyer e head of...

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