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Acidity in coffee

Learn more about the critical role that acidity plays in our sensory perception of coffee
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Acidty in coffee is one of its most important attributes since it contributes to flavour perception, complexity, health benefits, and overall quality. This course, delivered by Dr Veronica Belchior covers the all aspects of acidity in coffee. The course can be used to improve sensory evaluation, roasting, and brewing of coffee through better understanding of how the scientific literature can be applied to all of these areas.


  • What is acidity
  • How do you measure acidity
  • How does roasting affect acidity
  • Acidity perception and TDS
  • Acidity and the sensory scoresheet - intensity vs quality
  • Brew temperature and acidity
  • Qusestions and Answers
  • Further reading: the journal articles available to download

This self directed course can be taken in your own time, at your own pace, and reviewed any time. Each of the 8 modules has a video presentation with English subtitles and a short quiz to aid your learning. Upon completion, you will gain a certificate that can be posted on your Coffee Knowledge Hub and Linked In profiles.

You can ask questions via the course forum and Veronica will be available to answer questions via the forum or email -


  1. Learn how to modulate acidty in your coffee
  2. Understand why acids are in coffee
  3. Learn which acids can be detected sensorially
  4. Learn how to improve your sensitivity to tasting different acids
  5. Understand how acidity is perceived and evaluated in terms of quality and intensity


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Veronica Belchior

Verônica Belchior is a biologist, Master in Ecology and PhD in Food Sciences. She is a Q-grader and...

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