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Teaching experience

Iron metabolism and anemia


The 4-hour lecture in the course "Blood parameters and nutritional status" for bachelor students of nutritional sciences aimed to thoroughly describe the mechanism of iron metabolism in the human body, different types of anemia, and the possibilities of anemia diagnosis and treatment.

Milk chemistry and nutritional aspects


The lecture was given at the exhibition "PIR -Expo" (Moscow, Russia) and aimed to introduce to the society the most important and fundamental aspects of milk chemistry and its nutritional value. The lecture series was later repeated for trainers and baristas at Double B Coffee and Tea's Barista Academy.

Properties of the dairy milk foam


The lecture given at the event The Art of Blending Meets the Science of Roasting (Athens, Greece), organised by Qualita Unica, described the recent studies carried out in our laboratory at the University of Camerino (Italy), focusing mainly on the effects of heating milk on its foam stability and organoleptic properties.

The effect of heat treatment of milk foam texture, structure, and stability


Numerous seminars in English and Russian describing the effects of industrial and subsequent steam heat treatment on the texture, structure, stability and organoleptic properties of milk foam.

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Professional experience

Head barista



Molecular Biology and Cellular Biotechnology, PhD

University of Camerino June 1, 2022

Food and Beverage Science, MSc

Heriot-Watt University September 1, 2015

Chemistry, BSc

Peoples Friendship University of Russia June 1, 2013


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