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I have been working in the coffee industry since 2001. I have been working in different sections of the coffee business by joining Kanguru Gida, a start-up company which have become an important actor of the Turkish coffee market over the years. I have worked in wholesales, coffeeshop management, green bean and coffee equipment procurement, barista trainings, roasting trainings and coffee workshops. I became a Sca authorized Barista and Roasting Trainer in 2015. I am the co-founder of Istanbul Kahve Akademisi. I have been teaching Sca Barista Courses , Sca Roasting Courses and organizing coffee workshops for both coffee professionals and coffee amateurs since 2015. I am the chief-roaster of the specialty coffees that are sold in the website. I am the co-owner of Coffee Academy coffeeshop located in Istanbul and coordinating since 2016. I am responsible of the coffee selections and roasting profiles that are sold in Coffee Academy.

Teaching experience

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Professional experience


@ Istanbul Kahve Akademisi

I am running Sca Barista and Roasting Courses. I am organizing coffee workshops for coffee amateurs. I am roasting the coffees of the academy that are sold via its website.


@ Coffee Academy

I am working coordinately with the coffeeshop manager to solve the operational problems, to increase the sales, and to build a strong team to ensure customer satisfaction.


@ Kanguru Gida

Kanguru Gida is a medium to big size roaster and sells roasted coffee beans to hotels, restaurants and cafes in Turkey. Kanguru Gida has been the distributor of Victoria Arduino coffee machines since 2016. I am coordinating the sales, customer relations, accounting, roastery, procurement and trainings.


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Technical expertise

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Coffee interests and passions

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