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Raf Mlodzianowski

Consultant and educator
Raf Mlodzianowski

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Since 2016 I have been Coffee Consulting with the originally aim to provide effective and long lasting support to cafes but over time this evolved into more education based support as an SCA AST (Specialty Coffee Association, Authorised Trainer) CQI Q - Grader (Arabica) leading me further down the coffee chain ending up consulting with coffee importers, coffee roasters and producers.

This acquired knowledge along with my journey through the industry from Barista (starting over ten years earlier) through management, roasting, education, consulting and working with such companies as Keurig Trading and Nestle combined with my experience working with coffee importers in Europe as well as with coffee producers in Kenya and India has made me uniquely suited to help most businesses in the coffee industry.

Most of my clients have been start ups, as I like to work with the industry outsiders, who have a passion for doing things the best way rather than the cheapest way. No business is too small and no business is too big to improve, as such I have always upheld that I work with people and their vision rather than just on a monetary service basis.

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