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Jonathan is a coffee professional who came to this industry by chance after completing a Bachelor's Degree in History and a Degree in Classical Studies in Spain. His adventure in the world of coffee began in the United Kingdom, where he discovered Specialty Coffee. A few years later, he was touring across Latin America, living in several cities from Panama and Europe, and establishing long-lasting relationships there and in Asia, specifically Indonesia.

He studied two Degrees related to education and linguistics (History and Classical Studies). He has applied his educational knowledge for the last 8 years as barista trainer for Costa Coffee UK and AST for Specialty Coffee Association. His experience was developed in SCA Premier Training Campus in Asia, Europe and Latin America, teaching hundreds of students every year. However coffee education lacks educational tools and his last efforts turned into that direction, elaborating books, handbooks, sensory wheels, aroma cards and aroma sensory kits for his students' development.

Jonathan started his coffee career abroad, in the United Kingdom, where he built his knowledge in commercial coffee. After two years learning organisation and managerial skills in Costa Coffee, he discovered Specialty Coffee reading a book. That was a game changer that took him working and traveling around the world. His first years were spent in Bristol and Bath, working and learning from some leading figures of the industry. Shortly after he spent a year managing and roasting for a coffee roaster in Panama. His next destination was Berlin, where he built relationships with roasters around Europe and helped export Panama coffee for two years. There he got finally certified as an AST trainer and began traveling to Asia and Latin America for courses and consultancies.

He is currently an AST certifying trainer by the Specialty Coffee Association and a competition judge. He works giving consultancies to coffee shops and roasters, directs coffee exports, and manages two specialty coffee roasters: Acuerdo Project and Andes Coffee Reserve. He has published books and materials related to sensory analysis (Sensory Lexicon: Fruit Series. 2021) and barista calibration (Your Coffee Recipe Book, 2023).

Coffee must be a tool to reshape the world. The power of our industry is unbelievable, reaching everywhere in the world, and we can use it (and must use it) as an agent for better change. Our beverage is a link between continents, countries, social classes and interests. It is an excuse for socializing, meeting people and traveling. There are few things as beautiful as knowing your cup of coffee, shared with kind people, can improve the lives of people around you and far away from you. We are all connected by this marvelous drink.

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