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About me

I am Diogo, from Porto, Portugal. I have been in the coffee industry ever since I was a child because of my father. He has been selling coffee for over 40 years and during summer vacations I used to accompany him to help out with coffee delivery. Time passed and in the meantime I completed my university studies, got a bit of professional experience in Europe and overseas, yet outside the coffee world. However, it did not take long to understand that I would like to engage/work in the coffee industry. But I needed to learn more about it. So I looked around and found a Master's programme in Coffee Economics and Science in Trieste, Italy, and applied for it. By 2015, I had my master's degree in coffee, a lot of friends in coffee producing countries and found out about specialty coffee. When I returned to Porto, I knew I had to start roasting coffee, hence in 2016 I created a company for roasting specialty coffee. Additionally, driven by my fascination with 'all things coffee' I also founded a coffee school here in Porto, in 2018, abcoffee. What followed were the several training and courses at the field, to name some: Q Robusta Grader - since 2019, Q Arabica Grader - since 2020.

Teaching Experience

I have been an AST for Roasting, Sensory, Green Coffee since 2018

Also been giving practical courses on those areas, as well as consultancy services

Professional Experience

Founder and Head Roaster at Senzu Coffee Roasters - since 2016

AST Instructor at abcoffee school for Roasting, Sensory and Green Coffee - since 2018

Coffee Consultant Sonae MC - since 2021

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