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Dale is a well respected barista, trainer and business manager, with 14 years experience working with commercial equipment and coffee operations to bring quality focussed coffee to customers, and customers to quality coffee, with a personal passion on the gaps between established skillsets and career paths.

As a World Barista Champion, Dale has travelled, trained and learned from experiences across Asia, Europe, Americas and is constantly pushing to understand the connections between the global specialty movement and the local differences that help us grow.

10 years working with and then leading Hasbean, one of the worlds leading specialty coffee roasters, wholesalers and online retailers has led to a deep understanding of the industry, community and challenges facing our value chain and our people in cafes and farms. Now working in product and business development for Hasbean, Ozone and our businesses across the UK, New Zealand and elsewhere, Dale is committed to finding customer focussed solutions to sharing specialty coffee. Whilst the many obstacles to the specialty movements success need detailed and researched solutions, ultimately growing customer understanding, confidence and belief in the value of better coffee is the only way we will ensure sustainable livelihoods for all.

Former Chair Barista Guild Europe

Former Director, Speciality Coffee Association of Europe

Teaching experience

No teaching experience has been added yet.

Professional experience

Global New Product & Business Development

@ OCRI (Hasbean/Ozone Coffee Roasters)

Understanding market trends, developing customer focussed products and solutions, calling on a broad internal and external team to develop business cases and bring new concepts to market Leading an experienced global sales team and challenging them with new strategies creating nuanced, tested and successful growth that positively impacts our producers, our people, our customers and the wider industry

General Manager

@ Hasbean

Succeeding the company founder to lead the Hasbean brand following his move to a broader sourcing role for our parent company Driving team and infrastructure development to allow greater insight, stronger decision making and allowing strategic growth through customer focussed action Managing the transition from a founder led business, to a brand/team bigger than our individual contributions Strongest successes - supporting internal development of our talent to leadership positions within our brand and our broader organisation - building passionate, coffee focusses sales teams through recruitment, training and support - driving increases in profitability, quality, staff and customer retention - enabling and supporting the team to respond to market conditions, enabling 8% growth through the C19 pandemic year, and higher production and profitability efficiencies throughout without compromising service or product - driving sustainability initiatives and documentation including release of our sourcing reports, celebrating our long-term integrated approach, and driving internal policies to allow B-Corp certification for Hasbean and our other brands by end '21

Director of Wholesale

@ Hasbean

National Training Manager

@ First Choice Coffee (Now UCC UK)


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Completed Courses

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Technical expertise

Mythos One

Coffee Grinder
Operator Skilled Operator Technician


Coffee Grinder
Operator Skilled Operator Technician

Mythos Two

Coffee Grinder
Operator Skilled Operator Technician

Eagle One

Espresso Machine
Operator Skilled Operator Technician

Eagle One Prima

Espresso Machine
Operator Skilled Operator Technician

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life

Espresso Machine
Operator Skilled Operator Technician

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle

Espresso Machine
Operator Skilled Operator Technician

Victoria Arduino White Eagle

Espresso Machine
Operator Skilled Operator Technician

Coffee interests and passions

Green coffee

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