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Where is the coffee capital of the world

Which countries consume the most coffee? Where would your own coffee habit fit right in?

Written by Andrew Tolley
Posted in News on August 18, 2022

What’s your average daily coffee consumption? Four cups per day? More? Eight cups? Nine? If you’re at the extreme end of those numbers then Finland is the place for you.

A thriving coffee culture coupled with freezing temperatures means the average Finn will get through four cups in a day per capita. That’s just an average too – dedicated coffee drinkers are more likely to top eight cups, with some estimates as high as 30.

Near neighbours Norway and Denmark claim second and third position respectively in the coffee charts. Norwegians average three cups per day – again driven by climate as well as culture – while Danes consume ‘just’ two cups.

In the top ten list compiled by, European countries dominate. You have to reach all the way down to tenth position before Canada appears – the only one outside the region. Here’s the list in full:

  1. Finland – cups per capita: 4 per day, 11.79kg per year
  2. Norway – cups per capita: 3 per day, 9.98kg per year
  3. Denmark – cups per capita: 2 per day, 9.07kg per year
  4. Iceland – cups per capita: 2 per day, 9.0kg per year
  5. Netherlands – cups per capita: _1.9 per day, 8.39kg per year _
  6. Sweden – cups per capita: 1.8 per day, 8.16kg per year
  7. Switzerland – cups per capita: 1.6 per day, 7.71kg per year
  8. Belgium – cups per capita: 1.5 per day, 6.80kg per year
  9. Luxembourg – cups per capita: 1.4 per day, 6.5kg per year
  10. Canada – cups per capita: 1.3 per day, 6.35kg per year

Those figures are all per capita, meaning that overall population has no bearing on the result. If we were to look at overall coffee consumption by country, the results are different – Brazil tops the list, followed by Germany, Italy, France and the US.

But where does your coffee consumption fit in? Do the maths and let us know how man kgs you are enjoying each year. Leave a comment below.

I am averaging 45g per day, roughly 3 cups if a cup is 15g/250ml. That equates to 0.045x365= 16.425kg per year.

This article was inspired by the ever inspiring Dean of Studies at Barista Hustle, Mr Jeremy Challender. A back of envelope calculation has Jeremy drinking over 19kg per year. In his own words, ‘I’m quite routine with my coffee making: A pour-over at breakfast; an espresso-based milky mid morning; then some kind of hectic filter coffee after lunch, most recently Tricolates. Based on the recipes I like to use for those three, I estimate I’m brewing 19.34kg/year.’

Now we at the CKH are not advocates of excessive consumption of coffee, but we are interested to know how does the average coffee professional compare to the country average of their residence.

Are coffee pros bringing up the national average? How much coffee do you drink per year?

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