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We are proud to introduce the Coffee and Beverages Community Team by Simonelli Group, a group of talented coffee professionals with a vast skillset.

Written by Federica Parisi
Posted in News on July 20, 2023

My name is Federica Parisi, Coffee and Beverages Community Director, and the aim of this article is to introduce you the projects managed by the Coffee and Beverages Community Department (CBC) present the members that make up our team and invite you to apply to join us.

In Simonelli Group, the CBC team is the owner of knowledge and expertise in the coffee industry at large. The experiences of our team members are varied: we have baristas, experts in green coffee, professionals who have worked in coffee chains, mixologist experts, judges, both National and World Champions. We are living and breathing coffee in respective roles and sharing this experience through the CBC team events.

We are involved in SCA, CQI and tailor-made training for all our clients, VIP customers, and Key Accounts. We are constantly searching for new ways to talk about coffee through the extraordinary technologies powered by Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli.

We actively participate in the new products development, offering a barista/end user PoV to listen and respond to the needs of our global communities.

We contribute by creating new formats and activities to make Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli events more and more interesting for the global coffee communities.

We never tire of questioning our knowledge and studying, thanks to the Coffee Knowledge Hub platform, the Simonelli Group Campus, and the Research & Innovation Coffee Hub (RICH), which allow us to interact daily with researchers and doctoral students who make us better professionals every day.

I am pleased to introduce the members of our new team. You can learn more about their stories by clicking on their CKH profiles: Dario Ciarlantini, Anete Dinne, Nicole Lin, Andrea Villa, Daniele Ricci, Matteo D'Ottavio, Costanzo Cafaro, Federico Pinna, Angelo Segoni and Giulia Palombi.

Alongside us at every step, we have the extraordinary support of Lauro Fioretti as Coffee & Beverages Community Advisor and Andrew Tolley as CKH Digital Coordinator.

We are all guided by an extraordinary passion, experience, and expertise.

I personally believe that the true strength of knowledge lies in sharing. Watch this space to learn from the team. We will share content, experiences, and best practices from the entire CBC team.

If you are interested to learn about joining the CBC team, get in touch here:

Please use Subject: Joining CBC


Who you are - link to your Coffee knowledge hub profile

We are looking for expertise in any area of the coffee industry.

Please provide information about:

• your expertise,

• how you achieved it,

• where you are based,

• what is your motivation to join the team

• Any other relevant skills

• Contact details

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Thank you for your efforts, I am always ready for support anywhere 🫶🏼🙏🏼

10 months ago

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