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I have worked as a barista, trainer, cafe manager, multi-site cafe owner, green buyer, and head of coffee. I was a co-founder of 2 of London's early specialty cafe businesses - Taylor St Baristas and Harris+Hoole, with 55+ sites between them at their height. I oversaw the training program for both businesses where over 1000 baristas were trained to professional standards. I was also a part of the leadership team in each business, responsible for strategy and business development in all the areas relating to coffee. In 2015 I won the UK cup tasting championship, and placed 2nd in the world tea brewing championships. I have trained my own curriculum in foundation and intermediate barista skills at the London School of Coffee. As a founding member of the SCA Barista Guild, I was Chair during 2018 and on the SCA Board of Directors representing the Guild. Since 2020 I have worked with the team at the Simonelli Group to develop the Coffee Knowledge Hub. I support the development and teaching of courses, platform development, content development and communications. Starting January 2021 I have joined the Board of the SCA for a 2 year term. I have been elected as 2nd VP of the Board and will President in 2026. In 2023 I became an Authorised Tea Certifier with the European Specialty Tea Association. Outside of coffee and tea, I do a bit of running.

Professional experience

Board Director

@ Specialty Coffee Association


@ Tolley Coffee and Tea

Product manager and strategic advisor for the Simonelli Group focusing on the Coffee Knowledge Hub and supporting key accounts. Advisory roles and projects for Loop Coffee, Oro Molido, Tekoe Teas.

Chair - Barista Guild Of Europe

@ Specialty Coffee Association

As Chair of the BGE I supported the Working Group to develop the strategy for the BGE We worked closely with the BGA and agreed to merge the 2 guilds into the Barista Guild As the Chair I was on the Board of the SCA during my tenure

World Brewers Cups Sensory Judge

@ Specialty Coffee Association

WCE sensory judge in Gothenburg and Dublin

Director of Coffee

@ Harris+Hoole

Developed the coffee strategy, and oversaw implementation, barista training, and coffee operations across the 50 sites

World Barista Championship Sensory Judge

@ Specialty Coffee Association

WCE sensory judge in barista championships in Vienna, and Melbourne

Head of Coffee

@ Taylor St Baristas

Head of coffee, accountable for all things coffee in the business from coffee buying to quality to equipment, training and operations


Bachelor of Science and Business, majors Env.Sci and Finance

University Technology Sydney June 1, 4



CQI November 30, 2012
Tracey Allen


CQI May 1, 2019

UK Cup Tasters Champion

SCA UK June 1, 2015

Completed Courses

Acidity in coffee

February 3, 2023

An operating handbook for your cafe

June 23, 2021

An operating handbook for your cafe

October 2, 2021

Approachable coffee cocktails with Danelaw

October 26, 2022

Chemistry of Roasting

June 26, 2021

Cup of Excellence Sensory Education Training

July 16, 2022

Cup of Excellence: Sensory Education Training Virtual Calibration

July 7, 2022

How to improve your sensory skills: lecture only

November 10, 2022

Mouthfeel in beverages

July 28, 2021

Plant based drinks and coffee

April 5, 2022

Plant based drinks and coffee

December 24, 2023

Roast Profile Design Basics

December 28, 2023

Science of Milk

October 5, 2021

Youth Academy - Malaysia 2022

December 22, 2022

Technical expertise

Mythos One

Coffee Grinder
Operator Skilled Operator Technician

Victoria Arduino White Eagle

Espresso Machine
Operator Skilled Operator Technician

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle

Espresso Machine
Operator Skilled Operator Technician

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life

Espresso Machine
Operator Skilled Operator Technician

Coffee interests and passions

Green coffee

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Particle size distribution is more important than average grind size - Discuss.

4 years ago

Thanks for the feedback Jim and Jay

Fully agree Dave! I have now seen the courses a couple of times and keep learning new things each time. This course was particularly good because of the practical exercises. I really hope design teams are thinking in terms of cross modality and Multisensory perception when designing packaging and spaces as well.

HI Culea, thank you for your feedback. We are looking for authoritative voices, and where necessary, references. You do not need to be a researcher or scientist though, you just need to be able to support your arguments. We are definitely not looking for influencers or video bloggers )

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