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SCA Brewing Intermediate

Dubai December 21, 2023 AED2800

Course overview

This course is designed to teach you how to brew the best cup of coffee possible through a variety of extraction methods. You will gain knowledge on how to understand the impact your grinder has on your cup quality and to taste the differences between various grind profiles. This hands-on workshop, will teach you how to analyse your grind profile and how to match your grind to your brewing method to deliver the best cup possible. Also by understanding the essential elements of coffee brewing you will learn how they individually influence the final cup. By the end of the course you will have learned how to scientifically measure coffee strength and chart a coffee’s extraction; learn how to analyse both brewed coffee and espresso, and; troubleshoot the brew to deliver a correctly extracted, well-balanced cup. Using a digital refractometer to measure each cup, participants will learn how to use the equipment correctly to scientifically compute a coffee’s extraction and reference against its taste. It is recommended that you have some experience of working in this field before attempting this level or have successfully passed Brewing Foundation.

The course provides you with the key information to enable you to sit your Brewing Intermediate certification that consists of a short practical exam and a written exam (25 questions with a pass rate of 70% required). Successful students will be awarded 10 points towards the SCA Skill Program.

Courses normally last 2 days.

Applications close December 21, 2023


December 21, 2023 - December 22, 2023
Starts at 9:00am
UTC +04:00 (Asia/Dubai)
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Applications closed December 21, 2023


Campus by Coffee Planet
M-08, Commercial Bank of Dubai building,
Sheikh Zayed Road,

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Meet your trainer

Andrew Tolley

Working in coffee since 2003, Andrew has worked as a barista, trainer, cafe manager, multi-site cafe...

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