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Q Processing Professional Robusta

This 6-day field-based course is for professionals in the coffee industry that work with, produce or process Canephora.

Course overview

In this course, learners will deepen their theoretical knowledge of the main processing methods, learn best practices and gain hands-on experience with a quality control system for post-harvest processing.

Through this content, participants will develop the skills necessary to achieve different flavor profiles through processing, gain an understanding of the critical stages of processing to reduce the risk of producing coffees with quality issues.

The course takes place in a producing country during the harvest season and involves lectures, team activities, applied lessons, and cuppings. It is a collaborative, hands-on learning experience designed to meet the practical needs of coffee producing professionals working in the industry

To be certified, attendees must pass both the theoretical and practical tests.

There will also be the option of an additional day to explore nearby areas, and experience Vietnamese coffee culture.

Practical actvities explained


• Start Natural drying process / Log information of the drying.


• Pulp all the treatments.

• Start Honey drying process / Log information of the drying.

• Start fermentations:

1. Anaerobic/ Under water

2. Aerobic/ Extended (Thin layer, dry fermentation)

3. Aerobic & 1/2 Anaerobic (stacked dry fermentation)

4. Start logs of the fermentation.


• Understand the importance of measuring moisture, what is the correct use of the

equipment and the importance of calibration.

• Measure and analyze different samples in scenarios of what decision to make as

a processor.


• Wash all the treatments.

• Start drying process for all the treatments / Log information of the drying process.


• Understand the importance of recognize the physical defects of the green beans

produced by processing and where they originate to be able to avoid them and

have better yields.


  1. Create flavour profiles through processing
  2. Gain critical understanding of processing stages and their impact on quality
  3. Mitigate issues that could impact quality
  4. Evaluate qualities of canephora for buying decisions

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