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Multisensory flavour perception

The course ‘Multisensory Flavour Perception’ includes theoretical approaches to the topic of flavour integration and how it applies to specialty coffee.
Online March 12, 2022 €90

Course overview

The perception of flavour is perhaps the most multisensory of our everyday experiences. The latest research by neuroscientists increasingly reveals how the combination of gustatory, olfactory, and trigeminal stimuli gives rise to our flavour experiences. The course will introduce the main scientific concepts on flavour perception and will present the latest research findings on how multisensory integration influences the coffee drinking experience.

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Applications close March 12, 2022


  • Understand how the senses contribute to flavour perception
  • Understand how memory and emotion contribute to flavour experience


Module 1 - 12 March 2022, 12pm-2pm GMT:

1) How do we gain information about properties of foods and drinks.

2) The senses of gustation, olfaction, and oral somatosensation. From sensory receptors to the brain:

- GUSTATION: What is a primary taste? How does the gustatory system work?

- OLFACTION: What is a volatile compound? How does it stimulate the human olfactory system?

- ORAL SOMATOSENSATION: How do we perceive texture, temperature, and irritation? How does tactile sensation apply to beverages?

3) Expert coffee tasting and amateur coffee appreciation: Motivations for consumption.

Module 2 -13 March 2022, 12pm-2pm * *GMT:

4) What does the colour red taste like? Multisensory integration, crossmodality, and the construction of the flavour experience by the brain.

5) The sensory repertoire: Flavour perception as anticipation and expectation:

- The construction of neural internal models: What is the ‘concept’ of a certain food?

- Memories and emotions: Mnemonic and affective processing of flavours.

6) Multisensory integration and coffee: Product intrinsic and extrinsic factors.



March 12, 2022 - March 13, 2022
Starts at 12:00pm
UTC +00:00 (Greenwich)
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Applications closed March 12, 2022

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Fabiana Mesquita De Carvalho

Fabiana Carvalho is a Brazilian neuroscientist who received her MSc in Biochemistry and her PhD in...

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