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Science of Milk

How changes in components of dairy and plant based milks affect its physical and sensory properties. An exclusive course by Dr. Yulia Klimanova PhD
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Course overview

There will be 2 webinars, the first covers dairy milk and the second is for plant based mylks

Dairy Milk

Milk is a key ingredient in coffeeshops worldwide. The smooth and shiny foam makes espresso-based milk beverages so attractive for customers. The pairing of silky milk with coffee has helped popularise coffee globally. We will have a closer look at milk chemical composition and all changes that occur with heating and foaming.

Plant Based Mylks

Ethics, the environment, taste preferences and health are all reasons people are moving to drink coffee with alternative mylks. However, for some people, it is not a choice, there is a significant risk of an allergic reaction from drinking dairy milk.

During the webinar we will discuss in greater details the mechanism of cow milk allergy and understand how it differs from lactose intolerance. The second part of the webinar will be dedicated to the nutritional properties and principal components of plant mylks in comparison to dairy milk.


  • to understand the composition of dairy milk and non-dairy mylk and how it impacts the foaming properties
  • to understand the compostition of dairy milk and non-dairy mylks and how it impacts the nutritional qualities
  • the effect of industrial processing such as UHT and pasteurisation, and how they affect foaming qualities and organoleptic properties.


Dairy milk

27 September - 4-6pm CET

Plant mylk

5 October - 4-6pm CET


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