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Mexico Origin trip

Experience coffee farming, picking, post harvest and cupping through daily workshops run at a biodynamic-certified coffee farm

Course overview

Ensambles Cafés Mexicanos is offering an exclusive trip into the sustainable coffee producing coffee world:

10 days of immersion at our bio-dynamic coffee farm El Equimite

Come learn about coffee from the soil to the cupping lab:

- practical workshops around regenerative agriculture, bio dynamic and permaculture practices. You will learn how we use the farm's natural ecosystem to fertilise the land, create natural immunity and optimize productivity.

- post-harvest process from picking to drying. You will participate in the making of some washed, honey and naturals freshly picked from the farm. We'll review all the steps from selective picking, floating, aerobic and anaerobic fermentations, washing, and drying.

- cupping of the fresh 2021/22 harvest. We will compare varietals and processes from the same farm, freshly out of the drying beds.


Have a deep understanding of all things coffee farming:

- Witness a successful alternative to the predominant monoculture model

- Experience all kinds of post-harvest processes through practical workshops

- Cup 12 different varietals from a single farm, processed different ways

- Visit other farmers who are in transition towards regenerative agriculture

- Immerse into the wonderful mexican culture through gastronomy and nights out in nearby towns

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