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La degustazione in cupping del caffè

Coffee is a world that has to be discovered. And sip by sip you can discover a world made by different flavours, aromas, mouthfeels.
Firenze October 25, 2021 €25

Course overview

  • Deepening on sensory analysis
  • Acidity. Quantity and quality. Different kinds of acidity
  • Sweetness. Not just sugar
  • Body. How to evaluate
  • Bitterness. Just a bad sensation?
  • Coffee cupping. The SCA standard
Applications close October 23, 2021


  • Set everyone's mind to perceive a detailed taste
  • Understand the difference in sensations between different coffees, areas, processes, varieties


October 25, 2021 - October 25, 2021
Starts at 5:00pm
UTC +01:00 (Europe/Rome)
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Applications closed October 23, 2021


Scuola del Caffè
Scuola del Caffè
Via G. Carducci 2/r
Firenze 50121

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This course can have a maximum of 10 attendees. 10 spots are still available.

Meet your trainer

Simone Amenini

Simone Amenini has been in the world of coffee since 2013, when he decided to leave his university...

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