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Extraction: Deep dive into the science of coffee extraction with Professor Chahan Yeretzian

Exploring grinding and extraction of coffee - grounded in science

Lecture Overview

The aroma of a cup of coffee is the final olfactory expression of a long chain of transformations that link the seed on the tree to the cup on the table. These last few minutes are the make-or-break moment. Understanding and mastering grinding and extraction guarantees that the full flavour of the beans tickles our taste buds.

Grinding and extraction are interconnected and highly complex processes. To bring order and define simple and actionable rules, three key parameters were identified already half a century ago and organized in a two-dimensional “Coffee Brewing Control Chart”. Since then scientific disciplines have made huge progress. The goal of this lecture is to go beyond the traditional brewing chart and work towards new and more powerful organizing principles to understand and control extraction.

Here we will distinguish between input parameters and output variables.

Output variables are elements of the overall consumer experience related to the perceived quality. These include flavour profile, body, crema (for expresso) and cup-to-cup consistency.

Input parameters are thought to have an impact on output variables and can be divided into three categories: those related to the coffee itself, to the water, and the extraction technique.

The goal of our research on extraction is finding quantitative and accurate relationships and models that can predict output variables from input parameters for specific extraction techniques. Understanding how these input and output factors interact enables optimal calibration for maximum flavour.

Based on such a systematic approach, the course discusses insight on extraction during espresso, filter, and single serve brew methods integrating latest research form the Coffee Excellence Centre and further your understanding of extraction.

The course will be beneficial for baristas, roasters, green coffee buyers, manufacturers of coffee and grinding equipment and anyone with a general interest in optimising your extractions.

The lecture is delivered online and there will be an opportunity for questions during the event. The lecture is recorded and will be available to attendees for a limited time afterwards. There is also a Forum for discussion and additional questions which will be answered by Chahan and others in the community.


Develop a systematic and scientific approach to study coffee extraction. Apply to espresso, filter as well as single-serve coffee.


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