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World of Coffee Milan 2022

Evolution in Coffee Education

How technology can improve the learning experience in coffee education
CKH March 10, 2023 FREE

Lecture Overview

Education has played a crucial role in the gastronomic industry over the last 20 years - take the example of the wine industry's evolution as a result of its education of consumers. Coffee education has also grown in the past 20 years, and we can see the results in the coffee community thanks to the role of SCA's Coffee Skills Porgram, CQI's education programs, and many others. In recent years, education has evolved into new formats, from elearning to digital trainings, thanks to new tools. This lecture will be focused mainly on talking about the advantages of these new tools, with a particular focus on content management systems (CMS) and learning management systems (LMS) The lecture will present examples of these two tools in practice, and will also explain the benefit they deliver to students that attend the training that use these systems.


Lauro Fioretti has been involved in the coffee industry for 27 years. He leads the Nuova Simonelli education center.

His passion for coffee has been further nourished by extensive experience in the field, ongoing training and certification, he is an AST Trainer for nearly all modules of the Coffee Skills Program.

First becoming a WBC Certified judge in 2006, this was followed by certifying for all other WCE Championships and qualifying as World Coffee Events representative.

Lauro is a board member of Coffee Science Foundation, WCE’s Instructional Development Committee and Q-assistant Instructor.

His career has brought him to over 75 countries creating awareness for and promoting speciality coffee around the world.He is very well known in the barista community, not just for his strong skills, but also for his human approach and support to all members.


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Lauro Fioretti

Lauro Fioretti has been involved in the coffee industry for 21 years. His passion for coffee has...

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