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CQI Q Processing generalist

The Q Processing program links processing to flavour and quality in the cup, while teaching the skills to deliberately influence these factors.
CKH July 12, 2023 €675

Course overview

The role of processing in the creation of flavour and quality is increasingly recognised. Level 1 of this program is aimed at coffee professionals in the value chain from growers to roasters, and baristas. The course covers the main processing methods and how they impact coffee chemistry and flavour. The 2 day course is delivered through lectures and comparative cuppings. A cupping lab is required to deliver this course. There is a theory exam with a pass mark of 75% to achieve the Q Processing Generalist certification from CQI.

The Program:

• Introduction: The role of processing within the coffee value chain, from producers to consumers. The history of coffee processing

• Processing methods: The anatomy of the coffee fruit and an anatomy-based classification of processing methods. The impact of processing methods on coffee chemistry. The impact of coffee processing on cup character and a myth busting session. Comparative cupping and evaluation of main methods.

• Coffee fermentation: What it is and what it is not. How fermentation differs in washed versus natural processing methods. Fermentation vs demuciation. A myth busting session. Comparative cupping of fermentation protocols

• Coffee drying: Why this is often overlooked. Water in a seed and how it is removed. Sun drying versus machine drying and myth busting session

• Challenges and the future of processing: Issues including global warming, water pollution, social and sustainability. Education at the origin and the future of processing.

Applications close July 12, 2023


July 12, 2023 - July 13, 2023
Starts at 9:00am
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Applications closed July 12, 2023


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