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This barista course is specifically designed for individuals working in hospitality or whole teams / staff working in the gastronomy sector. You and your team will learn the most important topics for efficient work processes on the espresso machine and grinder.

Course overview


The Barista Professional Workshop is a professional barista training for restaurants and businesses. The training is aimed to train baristas, shop managers, start-ups, service staff and bartenders.


  • Background to coffee, cultivation, qualities and varieties
  • Handling and training with the espresso machine and grinder (practice)
  • Espresso preparation (practice)
  • Calibration on espresso machine and grinder
  • Learn about the right espresso extraction
  • Latte Art Basics (Practice)
  • Basic techniques for frothing and pouring milk (practice)
  • Workflow at the espresso machine (practice)
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the espresso machine
  • Duration 6.5 - 7 hours (including a 60 minute break)
  • The course takes place in compliance with the distance and hygiene regulations


  • Improve your overall skills (workflow, cleaning routine, latte art, espresso extraction)
  • master your daily work routine at the coffee shop
  • improve the efficiency of your coffee business

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