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Approaching Q Grade

The ‘Approaching Q-Grade’ course is focused on providing the knowledge and skills needed as a foundation before attempting the full Q Grade program of exams.

Course overview

Are you tempted to do the Q Grade but not sure if you are ready for the challenge?

The Q-Grade is one of the most aspirational qualifications in the coffee industry. At the same time it is very selective and difficult to overcome all the exams of the program. For this reason it is intimidating for many professionals aiming to achieve this certification.

Through this exclusive Simonelli course, students are able to gain the knowledge needed to prepare themselves for the Q-Grade course and exams. This course develops confidence and foundation skills, without the stress of exams. By completing this course with us, we will also reduce the price of your Q course, if you book your Q through the Simonelli Knowledge Hub. Our aim with Approaching Q is to help you pass the Q Grade first time.

The Program:

• Theoretical preparation required to overcome the exams and which are the best sources to study the topics.

• Practical sessions: Most exams in the Q-Grade are based on practical and sensorial skills. We prepare you for the different exam types and how to train for them.

• What are the main differences between different coffee origins? In this module you’ll learn to recognise the main elements on any origin country. You’ll be able to explore and identify the main coffee regions and processes.

• Road map to the Q-Grade. How to create a training program for the Q-Grade


Give you foundation knowledge to help you prepare for the Q Grader course.

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